Trademark registration is a multi-stage process of building up the scope of trademark protection based on customer needs.

We outline 7 core steps for registering a trademark in Ukraine. Some steps are optional (such as TM searches), however we recommend paying due attention to each step so that the registration process will be smooth, predictable, controllable, and even enjoyable.

Step 1. Information on Customer, Applicant, and Trademark

To get started with TM registration, we need some initial information (usually in the form of a completed questionnaire):

  • Applicant Details —the information about the person who will eventually be the owner of the TM after the registration process is completed.
  • Customer Details — the information about the person who will enter into the contract with us and pay for the registration.
  • Logo or wording to be registered as a trademark.
  • Information on goods and/or services to be included in the scope of the trademark protection – based on these data, on further steps, we will determine (i) classes of goods and/or services for the purpose of trademark searching, and (ii) list of goods and/or services within the selected classes for the purpose of trademark registration.

One person may be both the Applicant (future trademark owner) and the Customer (payer), or these may be different persons. I.e. a Customer may order and pay for trademark registration services either on their own behalf or on behalf of another person.

The applicant (the future owner of the TM) may be:

  • An individual or a legal entity.
  • One or more persons. If there are more than one applicant, the official filing fees increase by 30%.

Step 2. Contract and Power of Attorney

Based on Customer, Applicant, and Trademark information (obtained in Step 1), we draw up a contract and a power of attorney, and send them to you via email.

To move forward, we need a scanned copies of the documents (the contract signed by the customer and the power of attorney signed by the applicant). After the application is filed we would need the original documents within two months.

Step 3. Trademark Searching (Optional)

Trademark searching is optional, but we suggest you not to skip this step as it allows to achieve the following goals:

  • Identifyingidentical and similar trademarks which could be used by the Trademark Office examiner as an obstacle to registration.
  • If such TMs are identified – adjusting the TM registration strategy and scope of legal protection: changing the type of the trademark (wording, logo, composite), indicating or non-indicating colors, adding or removing some elements – so that the trademark will be successfully registered.
  • Reducing the risk of other trademarks being referred to by the examiner and, accordingly, avoiding additional costs on responding to Office Actions.

Time to completion — 3-7 working days.

DescriptionFees, EUR
One classEach class over one
ATTORNEY'S FEE for selecting the search type and classes, including the classes containing similar goods and/or services30
ATTORNEY'S FEE for filing a request to the Ukrainian Trademark Office for conducting a trademark search using the criteria set by the Attorney20
OFFICIAL FEE for searching identical and similar trademarks (word marks or design marks)357

Step 4. Attorney’s written opinion on trademark availability for registration (Optional)

Trademark search results are analyzed and interpreted by a patent attorney for the purpose of determining (i) the degree of similarity of the trademarks found with the trademark to be filed, (ii) the likelihood of their use by an Ukrpatent's examiner as an obstacle to registration, (iii) as well as assessing the chances of defending the registration in case of an Office Action.


You may choose whether to order the analysis of search results and written opinion (these are optional), however we recommended these an intellectual property specialist (patent attorney) possesses knowledge that allows him to accurately assess the degree of similarity of trademarks, in particular by using the following criteria:

  • Visual similarity (look);
  • Phonetic similarity (sound);
  • Semantic similarity (meaning).
  • Availability of homogeneous goods and/or services.

Based on the search results, the patent attorney provides a written conclusion and proposes the most appropriate TM registration strategy.

Time to completion — 1-2 working days.

DescriptionFees, EUR
First set of 20 resultsEach further set of 20 results
ATTORNEY'S FEE for opinion on trademark availability for registration in writing1250250

Step 5. Drafting and filing a trademark application

Time to completion — we draw up and file a application within1-2 working days after we get Customer's approval of all the details relating to the filing.

Payment deadline — prior to filing the application

DescriptionFees, EUR
One classEach class over one
ATTORNEY'S FEE for selecting (translating) descriptions of goods and services for a trademark application (each set of 50 descriptions)5050
Drafting and filing a trademark application200

Step 6. Official filing fee. Prosecution

Payment deadline — to be paid upon filing the trademark application (Step 5) or within 2 months following the filing date. You may choose either to pay the official filing fee upon filing or within two months of the filing date. This will not affect the examination period or the effective filing date.

Period of examination — under ordinary procedure it is usually 18-20 months of the filing. Under the accelerated procedure — the examiner's decision is usually received in 6-7 months of the filing date.

DescriptionFees, EUR
One classEach class over one
Trademark application filing fee (1 applicant) (OFFICIAL FEE)128128
Trademark prosecution (tracking deadlines, receiving documents, reporting an office action)70

Step 7. Trademark publication and grant

Time to completion — the publication could be requested once the positive examiner's decision is received (usually in 18-20 months following the filing date where no acceleration has been requested, or in 6-7 months following the filing date where the acceleration had been requested).

Payment deadline — within 3 months following the positive examiner's decision.

DescriptionFees, EUR
One classEach class over one
Publication fee (OFFICIAL FEE)2424
Trademark grant fee (OFFICIAL FEE)182
ATTORNEY’S FEE for paying the publication fee and grant fee, obtaining and forwarding the certificate to the Customer100

If an Ukrpatent examiner finds a conflicting mark (an already registered or a prior-filed pending application owned by another party, being a ground for refusal because of “likelihood of confusion”), there could be additional costs on preparing and filing a response to such a refusal (Office Action) (from EUR 160 per one ground). The likelihood of a preliminary refusal significantly reduces if a trademark search had been conducted and the decision on type and strategy of trademark registration was based on the search results.

ADDITIONAL — Accelerated Examination of a Trademark Application (oprional)

Under the ordinary procedure the trademark registration takes typically 18-20 months of the filing date.

If you need to get a trademark registered within a shorter period (for example, to get a domain name like, you have to file a request for accelerated examination of your trademark application. In this case, the examination will take 3 months from the date of payment of the additional official fee for accelerated examination (it can be requested starting from the 90th day of the trademark application filing date).

DescriptionFees, EUR
One classEach class over one
ATTORNEY'S FEE for requesting accelerated examination, monitoring and accelerated prosecution90
OFFICIAL FEE for accelerated examination of a trademark application (word or design mark)20925

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