Patents and Utility Models in Ukraine

Patents and Utility Model Filing, Prosecution, Grant Attorney’s Fee, EUR Official Fee, EUR *
Filing a patent application (direct filing and PCT national entry):
- up to 3 claims 350 25
- each additional claim over 3 - 2.5
Claiming convention priority 80 -
Patent prosecution during formal examination (tracking deadlines, notifying on office actions) 100 -
Patent prosecution during substantive examination (filing a request for substantive examination, tracking deadlines, notifying on office actions):
- one claim 250 95
- each additional claim over one - 95
Response to an office action min 100 -
Response to a provisional refusal min 300 -
Accelerated examination up to 60 days (for a patent)
- one claim 250 140
- each additional claim over one - 34
Accelerated examination up to 20 days (for a utility model) 150 30
Converting a patent application into a utility model application (or vice versa) min 100 13
Grant and Publication
Grant, obtaining, forwarding a patent 100 87
- basic publication fee - 7
- extra publication fee for each page over 15 - 0.35

* Official fees are subject to change depending on currency rate.

Official fees (save Granting Fee) are subject to 95% reduction should an applicant and an inventor be the same person.

Patentability Search* and Opinion Attorney’s Fee, EUR
[110101] Patentability search using online patent databases (each 15 IPC subgroups) 360
[110102] Patentability opinion based on the search results (each 20 documents) 300

* The patentability search is carried out within the IPC subgroups defined by us.

For the search we use the following electronic databases:

  • ESPACENET (patent documents of the EPO, the USA, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Canada, the USSR, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark related to English language abstracts, published PCT international applications);
  • FREEPATENTSONLINE (patent documents of EPO, Germany; English language abstracts of Japan);
  • GOOGLE PATENTS (patent documents of Japan, China, the USA, the EPO, the Republic of Korea, Germany, the UK, France, Canada, Spain, the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Luxemburg, Belgium);
  • UKRPATENT (Ukrainian patents for inventions (utility models), published applications);
  • RF FIIP (Russian patents for inventions (utility models), published applications).

The term of the patentability search is up to 5 business days.

Drafting a Patent (Utility Model) Application Attorney’s Fee, EUR*
[120101] Drafting an independent claim 400
[120102] Drafting a dependent claim 133
[120103] Classification under the current IPC version 27
[120104] Statement of the Technical Field 67
[120105] Background information and prior art (per one analogue or problem faced by inventors) 200
[120106] Statement of the technical problem or the technical result addressed by the invention 53
[120107] Summary of the invention (per one one product or process) 373
[120108] List of figures 40
[120109] Description of the causal link between the features of the invention and the expected technical result or solution of the problem (per one one product or process) 333
[120110] Description of the product for the section "Detailed Description of the Embodiments" (per one product) 267
[120111] Description of the process for the section "Detailed Description of the Embodiments" (per one process) 267
[120112] Drafting the abstract 40
[120113] Preparing the drawing (figure) in electronic form 40
[120114] Additional processing of the drawing (figure) provided by the customer in electronic form 13

* Attorney’s fees are subject to change depending on subject matter and industry.

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