Certificate of a Ukrainian Patent Attorney

In Ukraine, only registered Intellectual Property Practitioners (Patent Attorneys) are entitled to represent foreign individuals and entities as well as persons without nationality before the Ukrainian Patent and Trademark Office (Ukrpatent). There are two mutually interchangeable terms used in Ukrainian laws and regulations respecting registered IP professionals – "Intellectual Property Practitioners" and "Patent Attorneys". In daily use, the short term “Patent Attorney” is more popular.

As in most other countries, the term “Patent Attorney” should be understood broadly, as a patent attorney may have specialized qualifications to practice in one or several of the following fields:

  • Inventions (Patents) and Utility Models;
  • Designs;
  • Layout Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits;
  • Trademarks (Marks for Goods and Services);
  • Geographical Indications;
  • Legal Services in the Field of Intellectual Property.

Some IP professionals describe themselves as “Patent and Trademark Attorneys”, though the term “Trademark Attorney” does not exist in Ukrainian law. This is mainly aimed to draw attention of potential customers that their qualifications include both patents and trademarks.

Therefore, when choosing a Patent Attorney, do not be misled by their title claiming they are Patent Attorneys. Instead, inquire on their qualifications. It might happen their qualifications include only one of the fields (i.e. only Trademarks or Designs).

When it comes to our qualifications, were are entitled to practice in all the above fields.